Benefit of Ladies Finger in your recipe

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Ladies finger vegetable has traveled a long way to occupy a distinct space in your not so regular appetite.  Indian recipes took a front seat here in introducing Okra or Ladies Fingers as more than a mere ingredient in recipes that demand a number of vegetables. However I prefer to go with simple easy Indian food as always. So did not waste much of time thinking whats could be real creative dish in terms of presentation, rather gave stress on the idea that lady finger okra could well sorted with mustard seeds to turn it into a flavorsome recipe in quick time. Also there is a long list of benefit of Ladies Finger but the main healer tactic lies in its anti diabetic value. Other areas such as stabilizing blood sugar , absorbing water and ensuring bulk in stools are the equal important benefit of Ladies Finger.

Ladies finger with mustrd seed and garlic

So choosing the right vegetable in your regular dishes could minimize the risk of having dangerous diseases. Health benefits of green vegetables such as Ladies finger okra naturally heals incurable diseases. Quick mixed vegetable recipes are good means to give your tummy a spoonful of healthy touch but I wonder if my recipe Ladies finger with mustard seeds could contribute a tag bit here. Grind 4 cloves of garlic, 2 tsp of cumin seeds, 3 tbsp of mustard seed together. Take a pan and add oil. Bring it to medium flame. Add medium pieces of ladies finger along with sliced potatoes (long pieces). Toss everything together. Add ground spices paste and green chilies (each cut into halves). Sprinkle turmeric, salt and half cup of water. Mix the ingredients. Put the lid on for next 10 minutes and you are ready with Ladies finger with mustard seeds which could be a delight to taste with hot rice in any season all long the year.