Green Mango recipes are in high demands during Summer

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This is Summer and there could not be anything more interesting than eating a whole lot of Mangoes in different forms. People hardly get hold of different veggies in summer. So what is there to wait ? Simply experiment various type of Mango starting from Green mangoes to green yellow mangoes to complete yellow orange mangoes. These are strikingly different from each other both in taste and flavor. Kids do prefer to eat sweet mangoes, slightly elder people would think green mangoes are best. Older generation loves to seal their tooth in green yellow ones with sweet and sour flavor. Among all, green mango recipes are perfect food to fulfill you thirsty throat.

The mango recipe together with mustard seeds I have learnt from my mother , could not be termed as perfect mango recipes for kids. The reason being addition of green chilies make it a little hot in flavor which children feel difficult to enjoy but for elders this is not only a nice bunch of joy but a proper replacement of regular mango chutneys cooked in Bengali households. Kancha aam or Green Mangoes should be cut into small pieces and smashed with a heavy weight before bringing them into the hot pan. Nice generous amount of mustard seeds ( 3 tsps) should go into the pan’s hot oil. Let the mustard seeds to splutter and generate crackling sound. Throw green chilies ( making incision from middle top to bottom) into it. Stir a little bit and add smashed mango pulps. Time to add 10 tbsp of sugar if not more than that, a pinch of turmeric powder and salt to taste. Put the lid on for next 15 minutes after adding 1 cup of water. This is the most awaited platter for your green mango recipes.

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