Chinese five spice powder is there to survive

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Chinese five spice powder is essentially a ground raw spices such as star anise, Chinese cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds and sichuan pepper or white pepper (any one of these two). Bengali people have their version of five spices, however that is popularly called as Panch Phoron among them. This Panch phoron is a different mix of ground spices and consists of mainly the following – fenugreek seed, fennel seed, cumin seed, black mustard seed and nigella seed. So taste wise it would be strikingly different to try a chicken recipe with Chinese five spice powder and the same chicken recipe with Bengali five spices or Paanch Phoron.

Chinese five spices

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Being a food gourmet, I tasted both the Chinese and Bengali version of five spices. What I particularly love about this authentic spice mixture is both of them are succulent in flavor and characteristics. The grave intense aroma associated with these two versions of spices are predominantly different from each other but leave dominant smells over other ingredients present in any recipe. So one has to be tactical and careful in order to fetch the best possible taste out of this spice mixture while cooking your favorite recipe.

Once in a ell groomed Chinese restaurant we had a chance to taste good old Chinese five spice powder. We ordered the top most menu under Appetite section which declared the name of the recipe as ” hot smoky chicken in five spices”. Much to our delight, the chicken breasts were mouthwatering as they were wonderfully flavored with this  spice mixture and top of that there was a soft touch all over the dish. Although I did not forget to notice a slight Indian touch of coriander powder, no one can lighten the grandeur of this recipe for its delightful and eye soothing presentation plated on a big lettuce leaf and couple of green broccoli side wise.  Now a days you do not really regret of experiencing this type of dinner once in a six months for your tight work schedules; instead do cooking in your own house by watching great videos on recipes with Chinese five spice powder.