Frog Legs Recipe

By : | 0 Comments | On : January 26, 2014 | Category : Quick easy dinner

Frankly speaking I was not aware of the fact that frog legs could be as delicious as any other meat available in markets. I saw legs cooking first time in NDTV Good Time’s popular show ‘Chopped’ where a British chef was showing how to cook quick but delectable recipe for frog legs. In the middle of a healthy competition, it was too tough to experiment with risky combination. Entire credit goes to the chef who was able to collaborate his fresh ideas and presented the judges with magical custom drumsticks with frog legs.

Long back when I was into my plus twelve standard, I was bound to cut and experiment with female toads mostly. Far to my wonder, I hardly imagined one day, these frog legs are going to take prominent place in my palate; however the recipe for frog legs are meant to be tasted and the other frogs are solely for experimentation at our school lab ­čÖé Here we are good to go with deep frying frog legs which are marinated with flour, salt, chopped garlic and red chili pepper at least half an hour before frying. Resting them for a while, will actually help them to absorb the salt and pepper as well as it will reduce the excess oil from the legs. Time to add a tea spoon full of Worcestershire sauce with tossed chives. After the mixing is done, ┬áserve them hot on a square tray like container and coat with juice of broiled apple without seeds. Easy way to introduce deep frying frog legs to surprise your guests.