Chinese cooking ideas bring an extra edge to daily recipes

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I like simple recipes that saves time. Spices add extra bit of flavor and subtle touch every time I cook Chinese recipes at home. It is a gutsy affair when you experiment too much with different ideas but I do not think much while I am on a experiment spree. Tv shows such as kylie kwong cooking with heart and soul left a great impact on my thinking. This has also simplified the fact that Chinese cooking ideas bring an extra edge to daily recipes.

Core Chinese spices



Chilly Chicken, Mixed meat Fried Rice, Prawn/Shrimp in Chilly Coriander sauce, Shandong styled Chicken, Coriander Noodles, Mixed Chinese Veggies in White sauce, Black peppered spicy chicken, Plain Dimsum etc. are the regular names come into my mind when I remember the wow factor Chinese recipes bring forth with their simplistic approach and healthy cooking style. Best practice of Chinese Cooking lies in the fact that they follow Yin and Yang  i.e, Balance. Balancing two ingredients such as Chicken or Lamb or Shrimp or Prawn, Scallops, Muscles with Capsicum or Bok Choy or Chilli or Soy Bean or Golden Onion or Mushroom or Yellow Corn Kernels etc. is the base of good cooking philosophy in Chinese Cooking. A very few recipes consist of only one dominant factor and as a result they do not yield the most yummy flavor. Daily recipes Spinach with Soy Chunks, Chinese dips, Vegetable Stock, Chicken Stock, Veggie Noodles, Veg/Chicken Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken with Soy Sauce etc. consist of few simple steps. I will unfold and discuss how I made these steps even more productive in my daily cooking. Dark Soy Sauce and Light Soy Sauce are the two integral part of Chinese Cooking apart from the usage of Chinese cabbage, spring onions, ginger, garlic, Bok choy, sesame oil/peanut oil. Although chinese cabbage can be substituted with regular Indian cabbage, I often try to use authentic chinese ingredients to  yield the best light chinese sweet and sour flavor. I saw cherry tomatoes in few chinese dishes. These cherry tomatoes are small sized tomatoes actually originated in Peru and Northern Chille but now it is widely available in different parts of India, especially one may take the advantage of online shopping.  I made my life easier by using local chinese ingredients which I mostly found in C3, the grocery store in City Centre.

Celebrity Chef Kylie Knowng uses core chinese ingredients in order to showcase fine Chinese recipes through different tv channels like TLC India and TLC Australia. Do not get confused as how to procure those core chinese ingredients as there are plenty of options here and there. Here is a list of shops/suppliers offering good and authentic ingredients for Chinese cooking across India for you to check and shop your heart out.

chinese fresh veggies


Ahmedabad: Meena Food World (Ph: 65415388/22138412)

Bengaluru:Metro Cash and Carry Uttarahalli (Ph: 080-26667750)
Nilgiri’s (Ph: 080-22441692)
Food World M G Road
Star Bazaar (Ph : 080-25535222)

Delhi:Spencer’s (Ph: 011-45520624)

Food Bazaar (Ph: 011-40534574)
Reliance Fresh(Ph: 011-22466302)

Hyderabad:Nuts & Spices (Ph: 040-23260042)
Metro Cash and Carry (Ph: 040-55634758)


Avishar Purbachal(Ph:033-64608495)

Tollygung Club (Ph: 033-6460520)

Lake Town (Ph: 033-64604319)

South City (Ph: 033-64601989)

China Market Lalbazar


Spencer’s Poonam Residency (Ph: 022-28943130)

Spencer’s Sheela Apartment (Ph: 022-28601245)

Hypercity Malad (Ph: 022-40078418)

Godrej Nature Basket Warden Road W ( Ph: 022-23526775)

Shoprite C/O Nirmal Lifestyle (Ph: 022-22821768)