Breakfree living with Healthy diets

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Healthy diet - Stir fry Vegetables l Colorful veggies

A very Happy New Year 2015 came to us with a whole bunch of promises and we do not want to miss any single opportunity to explore it! ‘Is growing stress a burden in nowadays?’ Needless to question the authenticity ūüôĀ ¬†These stressful lives lead to dangerous after effects. Hectic lifestyle gives birth to chronic diseases. Thats why¬†Breakfree living is too heavy a concept for present generation. Only healthy diets and light to moderate exercises can bring a positive effect. It has a healing capacity to regulate the organic activities required to maintain a healthy body.

Healthy diet does not always compel us to perform tiresome activities. Actually we can save a lot of time from our busy schedules if we really like to cook simple yet healthy recipes for our friends and families. These recipes consist of regular ingredients along with fresh vegetables and a little amount of paleo diets. Although Paleo diaticians believe they can achieve Breakfree living faster than the healthy and vegan diets, we will restrict ourselves to risk free yet tasty foods. Processed foods like Biscuit, Milkmaid, Cheese, Mayonnaise, Cream and Butter etc. are more than easy to get rid of if we consider having replacements for those in our regular recipes. I would like to site a popular scenario to explain the benefit accrued with raw yogurt in place of fresh cream.  I recently cooked Shahi Panner with Cashew Nuts recipe where I used yogurts instead of rich fresh cream. This exchange produced the similar taste into the Paneer recipe and encouraged me to explore more possibilities. Popular chefs make it a point to key down the health benefits and nutritional values for almost each and every recipe and they are literally creating awareness to reach and maintain a healthy and fit world which is capable of fighting new born and incurable diseases. Vikas Khanna, the renowned chef and popular tv show presenter introduced a fresh and new website which mostly deal with healthy recipes along with their food values and healthy quotient (comparing with the counterparts of the recipes).

Often people miss or even overhear the challenges they are going to face not taking early initiatives. This results into sustained fear or complete ignorance. In the fast age of expanding Business Process Outsourcing, rapid growth of International Call centers, fierce competition in 24/7 customer care services demand more than 16 hours from a day and we are open to earn extra in a short span of time. So why not try and indulge into healthy food habits which will save our time as well as make our body fit against topsy turvy grueling situations. Brainstorming ideas have given me enough chance to produce and enhance regular recipes into healthy one to live a Breakfree life.

LDL or Bad cholesterol is too risky in terms of heart diseases. High fat diets which are significantly low on dietary fiber and considerably high on saturated fats are prone to building calcified plaques at different portions of your tender heart. So before encouraging any further growth, we should all dig into recipes containing more dietary fibers, minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium), protein, water etc. Fruits can be a good source of water intake for your body and vegetables especially green vegetables  are great nutrients.  Here are a list of healthy recipes can blow you away both in terms of health and taste; main mantra to maintain breakfree living:)


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