Reducing Belly Fat is difficult but not impossible

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Yogurt with cucumber

Imagine a tall, dark, balanced body is approaching you slowly and what a nightmare it is for you! No, no…not because of that you can not appreciate healthy and visually appealing things but you are apprehensive about your current status where you are literally  not comparable to the person sitting just in front of you in terms of physical well being. Yeah it is indeed embarrassing but what could be the painless ways to reduce your belly fats? It is even more distressing to find yourself in a huge mess when your body will get prone to chronic diseases such as obesity, heart diseases and cancerous reflections. The endless burden of diseases will inject tensions to your life slowly but steadily. So it is always better to maintain a healthy food habits and lifestyle from the very beginning.

They say ‘Health is wealth’ and so we desire. It is obvious that time has a number of inevitable effects on both human mind and body but do we really want be a puppet in the hand of fate? Certainly a big NO to it! Exercise especially natural exercise has tremendous positive effects on our mind and soul. That does not minimize the importance of healthy diet plans. Fast foods such us Smoky pizzas, fatty burgers, spicy rolls often compel us to exploit the dark side of appetite. This increase risk of belly fats. If we grow the habit of eating junk foods day by day, amount of fat will increase gradually within our body structure. The most natural fat present just under our skins known as Visceral fats. These fats when get increased day by day inside our body, take unusual places to store themselves such as around heart, liver, pancreas etc. This may cause in plaque formation and consequentially develops the risk of moderate to high alert diseases. Thus we are not only advised to take a safe stand from the day one but also to follow the diet plan which guarantees healthy growth both for mind and body.

Healthy diet does not always mean boiled vegetables or dishes with no real taste. I prefer going healthy and at the same time taste good delicious foods with lesser fat. It is not advisable to get rid of chicken, egg, red meat all at once. This may result into weak digestive system. So do not forget to consider paleo diet . Lately I have been studying a lot of resources to find out what would be the best option to go for vegan or paleo . This comparison between paleo and vegan diets is highly contradictory and I made up my mind to take a middle path which guarantees a bit of everything to fulfill the demand of each vitamin and mineral. Here is a list of recipes to go for in order to overcome the challenge of malnutrition as well as avoid obesity; thus to maintain a perfect belly:)

1. Healthy Oatmeal Wonders

2. Special dishes with Oatmeal

3. Mixed Vegetable 

4. Hot Smoked Kedgeree

5. Spicy Chickpeas with or without Chicken

6. Thai Coconut Soup

7. Soya Chunks with Cabbage

8. Pineapple Sheera

9. Upma with Vermicelli

10. Fennel Cucumber Salsa


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