Keep it simple while reducing Cholesterol from your body

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Mixed Vegetables(Close Shot)

How many of us afford to follow normal diet when we have the tendency of increasing Cholesterol into our body ? I mean we can not eat whatever we like to when there is a high chance to get affected by cardiovascular diseases. High cholesterol tends to deposit saturated fats into our body and this results into calcified plaques and other major cardiovascular diseases . We all like to remain fit and spontaneous; do not wish to chase after poor health conditions again and again but how to fight cholesterol with your normal diet? It is a big question and I would like to share a few effective yet not so weird ways to remain cholesterol free 🙂 


Cholesterol should not be a huge problem for people who like to end up having a meaty dinner at least once/twice within a week time. HDL cholesterol or the so called Good Cholesterol brings a lot of health benefits with it. It fights against LDL  Cholesterol or Bad Cholesterol by transporting it to the liver where it can be reprocessed. Apart from it HDL acts as a maintenance crew for inner walls of blood vessels. Affected inner walls can result into heart attacks or strokes in near or distant future. So our main objective is to remove LDL, the bad cholesterol from our body and this is the main area of discussion for this article. Triglyceride, the other component of cholesterol comes second to LDL in terms of creating negative impact onto our body mechanisms. Now the question is ‘do we really need to get rid of spicy foods in order to fight these bad cholesterol?’ I suggest a big ‘No’ to it.


Indians are to generate LDL cholesterol into their bodies due to their general food habits. A good proportion of meat and egg and fish is a regular phenomenon in Indian palate 🙂 This does not imply that cholesterol can not be curbed. Today the most popular but contradictory to one another concepts are “Paleo diet” and “Vegan diet” . I recommend to follow both of them to a some extent. It is not a big deal to maintain a balance between the two if you care to make a conscious effort while choosing the right food on a daily basis. Quantity is the second most important factor to be taken into consideration. People who place their health on top of everything, it would not be difficult to eat anything they wish to for a long period of time but for the rest who are busy attempting tiny goals at their workplaces , the process is a bit complex. ‘Complex’ the word has more of a psychological connotation than anything else. It is well implied that your mind should be prepared to fight against Bad cholesterol .

Mixed Vegetables(Close Shot)

Food to include in your daily diet list:

1. Oatmeal: Prepare oatmeal either with vegetables such as carrots, beans, green peas, small florets of cauliflowers etc. or with milk and top it with strawberries. This serve you for a healthy breakfast which has the capacity to minimize your body weight, blood pressure as well as cholesterol.

2. Carrot Soup:  Carrot soup could well be designated for your mid day meal which is to be taken 2 hours before lunch. This cup of carrot soup is an easy juice extracted out of fresh carrots. A pinch of salt, a couple of coriander leaves and a spoonful of sugar and black pepper powder surely go well with this soup recipe. I prefer not to use mustard paste for its heavy touch.

3. Avocado salad: Avocado salad is a great piece of food to reduce LDL and increase HDL into your body. A sandwich kind of thing prepared with bread topped with egg (avoid egg yolk) , tomato slice and spread of avocado pulp on top would be excellent. Sprinkle salt and pepper for seasonings and nothing else is required. A cup of boiled brown rice with light chicken preparations such as stew with chicken and capsicum or anything for that matter which is light yet tasty is the right knock here.

4. Berries and Almonds: What a great combination when berries like blueberries, cranberries and strawberries are served along with dry fruits like almonds,  (especially Mamra), walnuts, peanuts 1 to 1/2 hours after lunch. They carry positive effects on circulating HDL cholesterol.

5. Steamed vegetables: Steamed vegetables cooked in olive oil/ healthy rice bran oil (containing omega 3 fatty acids and/or oryzonal) is a good option to go for Dinner. Salmon is the most valuable fish to opt for in case you do really care for higher risk of cholesterol in your body, otherwise a small amount of meat is permissible provided you keep patience and not to go to bed before 2 hours after taking dinner.


Above mentioned food habits yield positive results if you are really looking curb cholesterol and keep your body fit for long term. It is not that too hard. a few occasions like marriage ceremonies and social gatherings can be overlooked if you stick to these diets for a regular basis. Vegan diet is the better option but I took the middle way to enjoy life a bit more . For people who choose to follow health regimes rigidly, take blood groups into consideration in order to make the right choice of food. Other than the discussed recipes and foods, you may well try out eating different seasonal fresh vegetables, fresh fruits , healthy fruit juices, Soy products and many more to come:) Wide variety of option is yet to explore! So do not be afraid and jump onto your own conclusions that there is no permission to enjoy the food you like 🙂