Veggies like Broccoli rocks when tossed with right nuts

By : | 0 Comments | On : April 10, 2013 | Category : Healthy eating

Who said that we Bengali people do not like veggies and run after non veg meals? Yes, I can not argue on the topic if we were sitting and discussing it 10 years back but for now a lot of things have changed and finally I am in a better position to experiment with new fresh ideas.

Now what takes me think and propose the good old Broccoli to use as main ingredient on your platter! It is nothing but a green veggie with a whole lot of nutritional advantage  . Broccoli could be termed as most extravagant and tasty vegetable which comes with a series of nutritional quotients. Fried broccoli in garlic sauce is a simple form of recipe that can be tried out at our nice cosy darling home’s kitchen. I experimented a little bit more and went ahead tossing broccoli with button mushrooms, dark soy sauce, schezwan paste, garlic and a small amount of fresh onions.

Fried Broccoli


Great recipes desire small amount of ingredients but generous amount of attention to make it perfect.  This recipe demands balancing out the ingredients   because you do  not want schezwan sauce to dominate everything over soy sauce. Onions and garlic make the base spicy fresh and gentle. Using Amul butter is more than acceptable and preferable over oils.

This summer did not offer too much of food option for us and we tend to go for light dishes, mocktails and juices but try eating healthy Broccoli as your main ingredient as it accomplishes the rest of the meal required apart from liquids in hot summer.